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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting off my backside: The 30 at Thirty Challenge

On May 11th, 2012, I turned thirty. (That's me on the right, ready to celebrate).  I guess I'd always supposed that by the age of thirty I'd be sorted. I'd know exactly what I was doing and where I was going with my life. Hell, I'd probably already be there. I figured I'd be married, a published author, probably already a mother. It's not that I stuffed up, exactly, but I'm not where I thought I'd be, and I can't entirely escape the feeling that I'm letting my life slip through my fingers. I've always been a bit old before my time, generally preferring nights in with a board game or a book to going out and getting drunk but, when thirty finally loomed, it all felt a bit scary. What have I really achieved? Why am I just sitting around waiting for that magical day when life suddenly makes sense? How am I supposed to achieve any of my dreams if I don't get off my backside and make something happen? Anyway, I was listening to Radio 4 one day (see what I mean?) and some sixty year-old women were talking about how they'd set themselves the challenge of doing sixty brand new things before their sixty-first birthdays. Some of the things were very small, and some of them were pretty big. It didn't really seem to matter. The point was to relish life just a little bit more. To live just a little bit harder. To say 'yes' or 'why not' slightly more often. I figured I might do the same thing when I turned sixty. And then I wondered why the heck I should wait. I was a few months from turning thirty, and I decided to stop being nervous about the whole thing and set myself a challenge. From the day I turned thirty to the day I turned thirty one I was going to try 30 brand-spanking-new things. I was gonna shake myself up a little. And I was going to blog about them all. So, finally, I'm getting off my backside and posting my first ever blog post. One down, twenty nine brand new things to go... Send your ideas for things I can do (not too expensive please!) to, and feel free to join me on my journey. The more the merrier!


  1. brilliant idea, good luck!
    Mary x

  2. Hey JO JO!
    This is an awesome idea! Hats off to you for seizing the moment and setting yourself this challenge :)
    I had exactly the same thing before turning 30. I started to look at myself and people around me and began feeling concerned that I wasn't where I thought I would / should be at 30 i.e. settled down and having a career etc. It got me down for a bit, the idea that I would have to grow up and be sensible and no longer be in my 20's (although my 20's were actually pretty horrendously angsty!) But then I was like 'where did these ideas come from and is that really what I want?' On hitting 30 I realised there's no need or point in looking back and I decided to make this year / decade the best yet. So bottom line is, yes, I am with ya and will get my thinking cap on. This is going to be a LOT of fun and I think it should definitely involve some 'performing' - you've already done a tri and hosted an awards ceremony ooo and been on tv so . . . how about some stand up next??!! Once it's on the list there's no going back har har!! Loves ya babes
    Trace x

  3. Throw a dart in a map and go to the exact place it lands!

    You could opt for a map of the UK if you aren't feeling so outrageously adventurous =).


  4. Take a picture of "a bit" of yourself every day, so that you will end up with a 365 piece collage of yourself.

    Have fun!


  5. Bravo Jojo! Me alegra que hayas empezado con este blog. You can also celebrate the little things you've done BEFORE thirty! How about that novel? and the tweet story? And you've been on TV ;-) .... Oh, I have a few months to come up with 40 new things for me!

  6. Go girl!!! Proud of you as always... I read all the comments from your friends. Tracy Dos says you should do something "performing". I agree, I like the idea of the stand-up... However, another thought invaded me. I suddenly remembered one day we when were dining outdoors in a Spanish restaurant and you gave some money to a street performer whilst saying "My dad was a busker..." (This made me laugh - not being quite true, but pretty funny) Well here is my idea: Take your guitar to the streets and BUSK! Knowing you I bet the money would go to charity... Is this the kind of ideas you are after?

  7. Get married! Visit North Carolina! You sure you want my suggestions? ; )

  8. I agree Maria, busking is a great idea :) or mime artist in cov garden - for some reason I can imagine you doing that quite well!!! x

  9. I've had another idea... What about an appearance at Speaker's Corner? Go on girl, get on your soapbox, you know you'd love it!!! (I wonder what you'd talk/preach about...)

  10. Hey Jojo,

    Your shameless promotion at work worked. I think you have a wonderful blog here. I didn't actually go for the nude pictures first, but started at the beginning. The idea is wonderful, but I especially admire your style of writing, which I think is both open (perhaps even slightly vulnerable) and powerful at the same time.

    Certainly something to be proud of, so keep up the good work/writing :)