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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting off my backside: The 30 at Thirty Challenge

On May 11th, 2012, I turned thirty. (That's me on the right, ready to celebrate).  I guess I'd always supposed that by the age of thirty I'd be sorted. I'd know exactly what I was doing and where I was going with my life. Hell, I'd probably already be there. I figured I'd be married, a published author, probably already a mother. It's not that I stuffed up, exactly, but I'm not where I thought I'd be, and I can't entirely escape the feeling that I'm letting my life slip through my fingers. I've always been a bit old before my time, generally preferring nights in with a board game or a book to going out and getting drunk but, when thirty finally loomed, it all felt a bit scary. What have I really achieved? Why am I just sitting around waiting for that magical day when life suddenly makes sense? How am I supposed to achieve any of my dreams if I don't get off my backside and make something happen? Anyway, I was listening to Radio 4 one day (see what I mean?) and some sixty year-old women were talking about how they'd set themselves the challenge of doing sixty brand new things before their sixty-first birthdays. Some of the things were very small, and some of them were pretty big. It didn't really seem to matter. The point was to relish life just a little bit more. To live just a little bit harder. To say 'yes' or 'why not' slightly more often. I figured I might do the same thing when I turned sixty. And then I wondered why the heck I should wait. I was a few months from turning thirty, and I decided to stop being nervous about the whole thing and set myself a challenge. From the day I turned thirty to the day I turned thirty one I was going to try 30 brand-spanking-new things. I was gonna shake myself up a little. And I was going to blog about them all. So, finally, I'm getting off my backside and posting my first ever blog post. One down, twenty nine brand new things to go... Send your ideas for things I can do (not too expensive please!) to, and feel free to join me on my journey. The more the merrier!